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Badger Foot Balm

We give our hands a lot of TLC so it’s only fair that our feet get the same love and attention.  Badger Balm’s Foot Balm cares for your soles, nourishing dry feet and cracked heels with an organic blend of botanical goodies.  Your feet will stay super fresh, soft and moisturised with this minty antibacterial formula.  And for an added treat, we think you’ll love the cool tingling feeling this soothing foot balm leaves on skin.

  • Moisturises and heals dry, cracked feet so your soles stay soft.
  • Keeps feet fresh and healthy with antibacterial properties of Tea Tree.
  • Peppermint oil refreshes and cools weary feet.
  • Contains no petrolatum or chemicals.  Never tested on animals.

How It Works

Your feet get an instant dollop of moisture, softening skin after the very first use.  A rich base of Organic Extra Virgin Olive and Jojoba Oils saturate deeply into dry skin, repairing cracked heels and rough feet.  For healthy, happy feet Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary have been added to ward off odour causing germs, keeping your feet fresh.  Peppermint oil is an added delight.  It leaves a wonderful cooling sensation on your skin and is sure to revive even the most tired tootsies

How To Use
Apply directly on to dry feet and cracked heels.  For soles that need a little more care, apply a liberal amount to feet before bed, put on clean socks and let Foot Balm work its magic overnight.