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Kiss Everlasting French Nails

Let’s be honest – waiting for your nail polish to dry can take forever.  What’s worse is trying to keep them lint and blemish-free.  Touching anything is like playing Russian roulette with newly lacquered nails.  Luckily, Kiss has a lasting solution to our DIY French-manicure dilemma.  Crisp, understated and elegant, Kiss Everlast French Nails are easy-to-apply artificial nails that look like you’ve spent hours (and a lot of money) in a salon.  Best yet, there’s no drying time.  Au revoir, smudges!

  • Smudge free and chip free
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Looks like a real French manicure

How It Works

Hand-painted ‘Frenchies’ need a steady hand and the patience of a saint.  Kiss Everlasting French Nails are marble-smooth with the perfect amount of white tip, and are guaranteed not to chip or crack for seven days.  We love the self-tab tips on each nail, which snap off conveniently after application.  No more sticky glue mess!  Kiss Everlast nails are also conveniently numbered to match each nail, so you don’t have to rifle though each one to find a perfect fit.  Available in two sizes: Real Short for glamorous everyday practicality or Medium for longer nail beds. 

How To Use

Clean your nails with an acetone remover to ensure they’re completely bare.  Match your nails to the numbered Kiss nails, laying them out for stress-free application!  Apply a thin layer of glue to the underside of the nail and to the surface of your nail.  Press down, holding for ten seconds.  Once in place, twist off the tab-end and file your new mani to a length and shape that suits.  Voila!  

Kiss Everlast French Nails are also available at Life, Unichem, Amcal, and Radius chemists, plus all leading pharmacies and department stores.