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Manhattan Quick Dry Nail Polish

Super cute and super efficient are these wee polishes that you’re going to adore.

Your nails will literally dry in no time, so now there’s no excuse for not having time!


How It Works

The  Manhattan Quick Dry promises long-lasting intense color and luster that will dry in 60 seconds.

How To Use

Begin by ensuring your nails are clean and any trace of old polish is removed.  To soften cuticles, soak your fingers in warm, soapy water for one minute.  Dry your hands and remove residual moisture from your nails with a cotton ball.  Your nails must be completely dry before you apply any polish. 

Next, apply your favorite basecoat and allow some time for this to dry. 

Once you have decided what fabulous color to use, mix the polish by gently rolling the bottle between your hands.  Do not shake your polish as this may cause air bubbles, which could transfer to your nails. 

Starting at the base of your nail, paint one stripe down the center of your nail to the tip.  Apply another stripe on the left side of your nail and again on the right side.  Dip your brush in the polish again, removing any excess on the lip of the bottle.  Repeat the 3-stroke painting process once more and then move on to the rest of your nails.  This completes the first coat. 

Begin painting the second coat once you have finished the first coat.  The second coat of polish will give you the desired color and correct any areas you may have missed on the first application. 

Finally, once your polish has completely dried, apply a clear topcoat to your nails.  Topcoats will optimize the color and durability of your nail polish.  A topcoat will also make your nails super shiny!!