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Veet Easy Grip Wax Strips

Free up your beauty routine and enjoy a simple solution to sexy smooth skin. These strips are ready to use; it only takes a few seconds to warm up a Veet strip between your hands, apply to skin and remove hair. Aside from instantly exfoliated skin, enjoy that gorgeous smoothness for up to four weeks! The Easy Grip tab helps you develop your technique by making it easier to grasp the strip, and remove the hair directly from the follicle. Summer winner? You bet!

    How It Works

    Wax is pre-applied to strips which then only require a quick warm up in the palms of your hands to be ready for application. A quick, mess free approach to hair removal!
      How To Use
        The cold wax strips are formulated for use on your Legs and Body (read: not sensitive areas or face!). Rub the strips between your palms for a few seconds to warm up the wax. Holding the EasyGrip tab, pull the strips apart for two applications. Place on section you want to wax, and rub in the direction of hair growth to ensure a nice bond. Grip the tab again, then pull away quickly for fail-proof results!